Money Saving Tips When Buying A Car

Going to the car dealer and buying one of the vehicles is something a person is unable to do every day. It’s not because the customer can’t fit this into the daily schedule but because it costs a lot of money.

The average price for most cars in the United States is from $15,000 – $18,000 and this will be more expensive when choosing to get an SUV or a van for the home.

Given the high cost of fuel, is it still worth it to get one? Yes, because it is more convenient to go to work, do some shopping activities that the family may have during weekends and holidays.

The price of a car is something many Americans won’t be able to earn in six months. By following these tips, the customer may be able to get right vehicle that is really value for money.

1. The individual should decide what kind of car is suitable for the home. How many people live in the house and who will be using it? Will it be used to carry anything heavy? These are just a few factors that the owner must put into consideration.

2. After answering all these questions, it is now time to visit the various dealers to check the models that fit the criteria of the person.

Some things to focus on are the price, miles per gallon and safety features. The customer must remember not all the brands offer the same amenities as the other.

3. The information given by the sales agent is just one side of the story. Reading some material from automobile magazines that review the model’s performance over others available on the market will be better.

4. It will be a good idea to park the current vehicle a block or two away from the dealer. Agents who see the type of car driven in can gage the price range that will be offered to the customer. This may not give the buyer some leeway when it is time for the negotiations.

5. There are ways to save money even when thinking of buying a new car. Some companies give discounts if a bigger down payment is paid up front. Others throw in freebies and other things if a car is traded in.

By doing some research and playing it smart, the person will be able to save money and drive off the dealer’s lot with a new car.

How To Save Money On Gas And Live To Tell About It

In today’s day and age, it is easy to see why saving on gas is a great idea. For one, the price of gas has skyrocketed ridiculously high, making each trip around town almost too much to bear. However, there are many great days to save on gas and still be able to enjoy mobility around your town and to and from work. Here are a few tips so that you don’t have to be dragged down with the oil increase so prevalent today.

1. Get a fuel efficient car. If you are only beginning to save up for car, or are considering buying a car in the near future, look for models that are fuel-efficient. Cars drink up different amounts of fuel per mile, and you would want your car to have the best mileage per full tank.

2. Schedule your trips. A great way to save on gas is to schedule your trips so that you don’t end up going back and forth to a place because you forgot to string your appointments tightly enough to be efficient. For example you would want to schedule your trip to the grocers, and any other appointments one after the other so that you can go straight to your next appointment right after the last one.

It would be terrible if you went to the grocers, then went back home because you had no other appointments left for another few hours. And then, you would have to make the trip to the next appointment from your home.

Do you see the wasted fuel going from the last appointment to your home and from your home back to the next appointment? This could be avoided if you schedule your appointments properly.

Just remember that it is best to get into your car to go to all the places you need to go to all on one trip.

3. Travel with a friend. You could have your friends set up a carpool so that you can save on fuel costs. This is because you and your other friends-or your workmates-all travel to the same places in different cars. Imagine the waste that comes from having five cars all with one passenger each going to the same place.

Those five people could all fit in one car and save on the gas costs of four other vehicles. This is why a carpool makes sense. You could take turns with your friends picking each other up and going to the same place. This would save tons on gas costs.